Employee Rostering System
versaERS Employee Rostering System
A flexible and easy to use powerful browser delivered Employee Rostering solution.
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versaERS has no limits on the number of rosters, locations or staff you can record in the system. It is suitable for both frequent pattern based rosters or unstructured rosters.
Complete Rostering System

versaERS makes rostering of your employees easy - Rosters can be generated in seconds using the unique Auto Generate option. Schedules can be printed for reference or exported to Excel or HTML, allowing you to publish the roster wherever you like. Based on the Microsoft .NET Framework, versaERS provides a flexible and scalable solution for managing Employee Roster data.

What makes versaERS stand out from the crowd is its unique 'look and feel'. Although a browser-based application, versaERS does not look like a traditional Webpage. Instead, it has been designed to work as a desktop application, providing the benefits of an intuitive interface with the latest advancements in browser technology.

Key Features
  • Pictorial (i.e. GUI) and spreadsheet style views for rostering
  • Infinite numbers of Locations, Shift Times, Staff and Rosters can be created
  • 100% browser based solution, no need to install software on PC's
  • Employee access to Rosters allows your staff to view the rosters from anywhere in the world
  • Roster creation by Managers etc, can be created from anywhere in the world
  • Ability to define Staff Unavailability Hours - assisting Roster Staff selection
  • Creation of unique rostering shifts and repeating roster patterns quickly and easily
  • System definable categories
  • Events Calendar allowing for Non-workable days such as Public Holidays/Festivals etc
  • Print or export of Rosters
  • Publish your Rosters on the Web or your Intranet
Based on the Microsoft .NET Framework, versaERS provides a flexible and scalable solution for managing Employee Roster data.
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
  • Microsoft SQL Server
Hosting Requirements

SaaS or On Premise? Both are possible. It's your choice. When your company purchases versaERS we provide a .Net DLL and a SQL Server database structure. Your company is responsible for providing the hosting server(s). Minimum hosting requirements are displayed here.

Client Requirements

versaERS is an Enterprise solution which means it can scale to the size of your business. You don't however have to be an enterprise level organisation to take advantage of the features of our product.

  • Web browsers: IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Pop-Up Blocking Software Disabled or App Added to Allowable Site List
  • Java Script enabled
  • Cookies enabled
  • Screen resolution 1024 x 768 (min)